Real-time data and database information of various automation monitoring and control devices (PLC, Contril Device) can be built easily and quickly with stable and strong optimal integrated platform environment.

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ver 1.4.2

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ver 1.4.2

Free Download
Note!  Only one user can connect the web browser and mobile without key lock, and in case of connecting two users at the same time, only first connected user is available.
  • Possible to move object by using keyboard in object explorer
  • Improved tag explorer
    • Changing tag names thru F2
    • Improved speed in case of many tags
  • Added column to display the last state change time in alarmed state object
  • Improved trend chart
    • Possible to set up max/min value of Y axis in running project
    • Fixed X axis scale
  • Trend chart/ Trend view
    • Added update cycle for web only
    • Corrected the error of screen capture/CSV downloading in IE, Edge
  • Added the function of recipe
  • When selecting the multiple objects, possible to change the reference object
  • Added the function find / replace in script editor
  • Added options to export for web service
  • Automatic schedule running when project starts
  • Possible to change axis label font/color, legend text color of various charts
  • Possible to do the customizing of error web page
  • Added Modbus RTU over TCP communication
  • Improved the communication speed of OPC-UA Client
  • Improved the communcation between AB MicroLogix
  • Added OPC UA Client tool
  • Added the function of schedule
  • Added date/time system tag
  • Operation expression use in a real tag
  • Improved the function of tag export/import
  • Modified broken text on page screen
  • Modified a bug that prevented page switching under special conditions
  • Added OCR function of camera
  • Save available of script log to a file
  • Improved the function of script
    • User's SQL avaiblable
    • Scroll control of page
    • Export data available in Listview to CSV file
  • Improved web servie export
  • Added Turck Cloud communication
  • Improved graphics output (drawing) performance using video acceleration
  • Added the function of capture and record on camera object
  • Added SMS function
  • Changed alarm setting screen
  • Displayed license information in info window
  • Added Oracle database repository
  • Supported Panasonic PLC communication
  • Supported Keyence PLC communication
  • Supported MELSEC iQ-F Series(FX5UC CPU) communication
  • Added CSV/TXT Access communicatio
  • Added OPC-UA Client communication
  • Added DDE(Dynamic Data Exchange) Client communication
  • Added Zebra printer middleware
  • Added the function to acquire/return SW license via file
  • Added a web browser object
  • Added a camera object
  • Added display name of alarm level and area
  • Fixed the malfunction when deleting images from Designer
  • Fixed a bug that caused Viewer to crash or malfunction when using database in server-side script
  • Added communjication protocol
    • JSON Access communication
    • XML Access communication
  • Supported Vietnamese language
  • Fixed a bug where Viewer does not run on Windows Server 2012
  • Added a software license key
  • Improved initial running speed in tag operational expression
  • Improved performance by tag search by name
  • Changed tag explorer UI
  • Added "Display mode" on trend chart / trend view
  • Added that import / export alarms
  • Added "Output value type" in data export
  • Improved report
    • Import / export report list
    • Directly display report items in Excel
  • Checked communication status in case of physical disconnection
  • Fixed Simens PLC bit value read / write
  • Added communication protocol
    • LSIS GLOFA FEnet
    • CSV/TXT Access
    • Execute (communication thru external program)
    • Miracom Highway101
  • Added Modbus Slave Server
  • Supported setting of Y axis maximum / minimum value of 'Mixed chart' object
  • Supported for selecting status / rating / region from 'Alarm Status' object
  • Fixed report bug
    • Instant value output bug
    • Bug that MaxTime and MinTime of digital tag are reported incorrectly
  • Improved data export
    • Fixed a bug that data is missed in certain situations.
    • File management only with file name and file size
    • Date values export via 3 ways(DateTime, Date, Time)
  • Fixed bug where tag value input window appears only on main monitor
  • Fixed bug where system log cannot be seen when running Viewer file by clicking xix file
  • Supported zoom in/out of Viewer screen using mouse
  • Improved gestures that DoubleTap does not work well
  • Fixed a bug where other serial communication would be broken if one serial communication was disconnected
  • Fixed an MQTT communication bug that could not communicate with CloudMQTT
  • AB PLC communication bug that incorrectly reads the value of specific BOOL type tag
  • Added Toshiba MESL communication
  • Supporeted tag operator
  • Added gesture function
  • Fixed a memomry bug
  • Supported the effect of widget color(background/foreground) change
  • Added an event to a digital tag
  • Changing order of scenario steps avaialable
  • Report items editing avaialble
  • Added refresh(Ctrl+F5, Shift+F5)
  • Improved of AB PLC communication
    • Reading/Writing of Tag value in program are
    • Bit value reading/writing of numeric type(SINT, INT, DINT, LINT)
  • Supproted OPC DA
  • Supprted LSIS XGI PLC address
  • Supporetd MELSEC FX-Series Ethernet communication
  • Improved the object function of alarm log / alarm status
  • Added MS-SQL database repository
  • Added Gesture function
    • Two Touch Pan: Move
    • Two Touch Pinch: Zoom / Move
    • Two Touch Double Tap: Return the orioginal size
  • Fixed a bug when configuring a device from tag properties after updating Windows 10 (version 1709)
  • Made it possible to enter tags, devices on the keyboard in Edit Property(PropertyGrid)
  • Added AB PLC communication(ControlLogix, CompactLogix, MicroLogix)
  • Added the function that it is possible to wirte bit value to MELSEC-Q series word address(Network communication only)
  • Supported the address of OMRON CP-series(CPIE)
  • Added custom network / serial protocol in Slave format
  • Added installation version for Chinese and Japanes
  • Supported web service of TrendChart, TrendView
  • Removed control blinking (Label, ComboBox,…)
  • Duplicated object properties (effect, actions) within a project
  • Added “Rotation Speed Effect”
  • Added “Instant Mode” in tag value setting
  • Changed the device address of the tag when not using the device
  • Added MELSEC FX Series PLC communication
  • Added “Web Request” communication
  • Added SMS (GSM Modem) communication
  • Changed terms “Local into New other”
  • Supported PostgreSQL
  • Added “Show Title” (visible or invisible) in Runtime Settings
  • Removed the DevExpress dependency when executing the Viewer
  • Added Excel communication
  • Added GE PLC SRTP(Ethernet) communication
  • Added GE PLC SNP(Serial) communication
  • Added RTP Devices( communication
  • Tag by keyboard directly can be input when editing object(effects/actions)
  • Fixed mailing bug(Especially, 465 port)
  • Changed protocol selecting window
  • Added that the external program can be executed from script
  • Fixed a bug that certain X-SCADA library (Xisom.SCada.Core.dll) cannot be used in VS2015 or later version.
  • Fixed the issue of USB Key-lock cognition on some windows
  • Fixed CSV export issue from Tag List

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